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The Story

The newly crowned emperor Halifax and his dangerously strong magical consort, Aydin, have come into the desert with a small army, and are staying with outsiders to the empire. Halifax disguises the trip as one of solidarity to the outsiders, when really he wants to go into a big magical portal with Aydin to be judged for his sins. Aydin is not at all happy when he finds out.  

They were lovers before the war, but during the war they were enemies. Now things are reversed thanks to Aydin betraying his own side, but there’s still a lot of bad blood to clean up. Then an old war comrade returns to poke in all of Aydin’s open wounds, and Halifax has to choose. Trust the man who killed his father, or the man who killed the old emperor? Unfortunately, both deeds were done by the same man. Mirage is their story.